CCA Welcomes Joel's Place for Children as we highlight Children's Grief Awareness Month

November 05, 2021 The Catholic Cemeteries Association
CCA Welcomes Joel's Place for Children as we highlight Children's Grief Awareness Month
Show Notes

Join us as we welcome Rhonda Abrams, CCA Bereavement Coordinator; Kathy Stellato, R.N., Co-Founder- Joel's Place for Children; Becky Verner McDermott, Outreach Specialist and Program Coordinator-Joel's Place for Children, and Owner, Becky Verner Yoga and Mary Sue McGorray, Board Member- Joel's Place for Children, Funeral Director-McGorray-Hanna Funeral Home.

November, the month where we remember our deceased loved ones on  All Souls Day, is also known as Childhood Grief Awareness month. November 18th is specifically National Childhood Grief Awareness Day, and in order to promote awareness for this special cause, we have recorded two podcast episodes with Joel's Place for Children.  The first recorded session was titled  "Meditation and Breath" by Becky Verner McDermott of Becky Verner Yoga and Joel's Place for Children ( Season 2, Episode 14, CCAirwaves). This is the second podcast of a two-part series with Joel's Place and we think it is an excellent resource for families with children who are suffering through a loss.

Joel’s Place for Children was founded in 2003 by Kathy Stellato, R.N. and Mary Willhite, L.S.W. After working together, Kathy and Mary decided to create a non-profit that would meet the needs of children and their families who had experienced the death of a loved one. The two extensively studied the nationally recognized Dougy Center of Portland, Oregon, and the teachings of Dr. Alan Wolfelt, founder of the Center for Loss & Life Transition. After obtaining advanced bereavement facilitator certificates, they felt ready to provide their services to grieving children and their families.

Joel's Place operates "on the belief that it is helpful and healing for grieving children and their families to share their stories, memories, experiences, thoughts and feelings with other grieving children and families. Joel's Place offers an ongoing grief support program in the Greater Cleveland area. These services are provided free of charge."

Our previous episode with Joel's Place highlights the family group grief sessions where Becky Verner led us in a gentle yoga session on breathwork and meditation. We invite you to share both of these episodes with families who could benefit from learning more about Joel's Place for Children and  with anyone who could benefit from a relaxing and healing meditation.

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