Entering the New Year with Hope and Love

January 12, 2021 The Catholic Cemeteries Association Season 2 Episode 1
Entering the New Year with Hope and Love
Show Notes

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Guided Meditation
Quiet Reflection from Joyce Rupp’s Prayer Seeds – New Year’s Prayer

Sit with palms open on your lap. Notice the rhythm of giving and receiving that is part of your breathing. Breathing in, you receive life-giving oxygen for the body; breathing out, you give carbon dioxide to the parts of creation that cannot live without it.
Ponder: looking back at the past year

Breathing in… What have you have received for your personal growth?
 Breathing out… What have you given to others that has been a source of blessing for them?

Ponder: looking ahead to the next year

Breathing in: What do you desire to receive for strengthening your inner life?
 Breathing out: What do you most want to share with others for their benefit?


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