Father's Day and Grief

June 14, 2022 The Catholic Cemeteries Association
Father's Day and Grief
Show Notes

Join CCAirwaves as Joel Hansel and Kathy McKiernan welcome back Rhonda Abrams, Bereavement Coordinator at Catholic Cemeteries Association. Rhonda will share some interesting background on Father's Day and thoughts and strategies to assist those who are grieving the loss of a father, child, fatherhood dreams, or those who simply feel a relationship "loss" associated with the father-child relationship. We help our listeners understand that they are not alone and there are things that we can do to honor the fathers or father figures in their lives and lessen the anxiousness or stress felt with the approaching Father's Day holiday.

You can find more ideas for honoring your grief and your father figure at: 
(2021 blog by Dora Elaine Tiller, M. Div and Geriatrics Services Professional) 

Click below for an additional activity worksheet for sharing stories "of" Fathers and "from" Fathers and feel free to use this activity to memorialize your fathers on any special day of the year:

We also share a beautiful prayer- A Litany for Father’s Day  -written by author, and speaker Laura Kelly Fanucci in her blog Mothering Spirit.

A Litany for Father’s Day

By Laura Kelly Fanucci

God of love, Today we ask your blessing on all who give their lives with a father’s love. 

Bless new fathers and wise grandfathers. Bless loving uncles and caring godfathers. 

Bless fathers who await the birth of their child with joy. Bless men who did not expect or want to become fathers. 

Bless men who embrace fatherhood through adoption or foster parenting, remarriage, or single parenthood. Bless men still waiting and hoping to become fathers. 

Bless fathers whose work takes them away from their children. Bless fathers whose work is with their children. 

Bless fathers whose lives are shaped by war, poverty, or violence. Bless fathers who work for peace, freedom, and justice. 

Bless teachers and mentors who serve as father figures. Bless priests and ministers who lead as loving parents. 

Bless men who are separated from their children, by force or choice. Bless families without fathers and all who love in abundance in their absence. 

Bless fathers who have lost a child. Bless families who have lost their father. 

Bless all whose fathers were loving. Bless all whose fathers failed to meet their needs for love. 

Bless all who celebrate Father’s Day. Bless all who struggle with Father’s Day.  
In the name of the Trinity – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – we pray. 


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