Rockin' the Rosary-Joyful Mysteries

May 27, 2022 The Catholic Cemeteries Association Season 3 Episode 8
Rockin' the Rosary-Joyful Mysteries
Show Notes

Join us in this CCAirwaves episode as we pray The Joyful Mysteries (Normally prayed on Mondays and Saturdays). Visit our website or follow our podcasts @CCAirwaves and pray the daily Rosary with each of the Mysteries highlighted for the particular day of the week.

Rockin' the Rosary is a beautiful book designed to help readers of all ages focus and reflect on this extraordinary prayer.  We pray the Rosary along with the dynamic mother/daughter duo of Vicki and Mollie Stracensky, author and contributor of Rockin' the Rosary.  With the book's guidance and beautiful images and interpretations of the prayers and Mysteries of the Rosary, readers are drawn to a closer relationship with Jesus, as we pray "to Jesus, through Mary". 

If you are interested in purchasing the book Rockin' the Rosary for your organization, parish, school, or ministry, volume discounts are available. It makes a great gift for First Holy Communion, RCIA, Legions of Mary, and more.  Visit the website at or contact Vicki at or by calling 440.759.3255.

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