Mother's Day and Grief

May 02, 2022 The Catholic Cemeteries Association Season 3 Episode 5
Mother's Day and Grief
Show Notes

Join CCAirwaves as we welcome back Rhonda Abrams, Bereavement Coordinator at Catholic Cemeteries Association. Rhonda will share her ideas and strategies to assist those who are grieving the loss of a mother, child, motherhood dreams, or those who simply feel a relationship "loss" associated with the mother-child relationship. We help our listeners understand that they are not alone and there are things that we can do to lessen the anxiousness or stress felt with the approaching Mother's Day holiday.

Here are a few Mother’s Day resources for our listeners:

  1. Mother’s Day Grief -
  2. Mother’s Day Resources for Churches and You -   (This link includes the Wide Spectrum [Continuum] of Mothering)
  3. The Wide Continuum of Mothering – PDF, These PDF along with other resources, are  viewable in our latest Bereavement Newsletter (May 3, 2022) at : 


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