The Legion Of Mary- Servant Leadership In Action

April 23, 2022 The Catholic Cemeteries Association and The Legion of Mary, Northeast Ohio
The Legion Of Mary- Servant Leadership In Action
Show Notes

Join Joel Hansel – CCA Webmaster/Media Design Specialist, Kathleen McKiernan – CCA Marketing and Communications Manager, and Rhonda Abrams- CCA Bereavement Coordinator, as CCAirwaves welcomes members of The Legion of Mary- Northern Ohio to return to our studio on April 22, 2022. We are honored to chat with:

  • Kevin Parnall- President of West Side Comitium
  • Carrie Kercel – President of the St. Albert the Great- Our Lady of Lourdes Praesidium Legion of Mary 
  •  Pam Luber-Vice President, of West Side Comitium

The Legion of Mary is the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, with well over 3 million active members in about 170 countries of the world. The Legion of Mary is an organization committed to the spiritual formation of its members, who in turn reach out to the world through spiritual works of mercy. The Legion of Mary recently celebrated its centennial anniversary. The first meeting of the Legion of Mary took place in Myra House, Frances Street, Dublin, Ireland, on September 7th, 1921. The Legion of Mary has been active in the United States since 1931, has been approved by the last 8 Popes, and was endorsed by the Second Vatican Council.

Active members meet once a week for prayer, planning, and discussion, followed by two hours of assigned work each week under the guidance of their spiritual director. Members recite the Catena Legionis prayer daily and pray the Rosary. Auxiliary Membership is an option that is a great introduction to the Legion of Mary.  Auxiliary Members support the Legion by praying for the work being done by the Legion's active members. They pray the entire booklet of the Tessera daily. The Tessera consists of the Invocation, prayers to the Holy Spirit, the Rosary, the Catena, and concluding prayers. The main part of the Catena is The Magnificat, a prayer first authored by Mary.

In today's podcast, we will be updated on the current Legion of Mary organization's membership and recruitment initiatives in Northeast Ohio.  During these uncertain times in our world, whether dealing with the effects of a worldwide pandemic, witnessing war and suffering in Ukraine, or simply experiencing grief from the recent death of a loved one, we need Our Lady's intercession, hope, and strength, more than ever. 

The Legion of Mary is open to all Catholics who faithfully practice their religion, who are animated by the desire to participate in the Church's evangelistic mission through membership in the Legion, and who are prepared to fulfill each and every duty that active membership in the Legion involves.

Join the Legion for their upcoming "Acies", the Annual Reunion of The Legion of Mary, held on June 11, 2022, at St. Albert the Great Parish. The events of the day will include a Mass, ceremony, and social gathering and will surely be a well-attended event,  especially since it was postponed for the past few years due to the pandemic.

Today's podcast will be followed by an additional, separately posted podcast episode where we pray The Most Holy Rosary - Luminous Mysteries together.

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